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MCAT Prep For Free

Can’t afford an MCAT prep course?

No problem. Go to MCAT for Me and register for free notes, lecture material and a 2, 3 or 6 month study plan.

You will need to following books to follow the material. Keep in mind that the 6 month study schedule requires additional books.

Good luck and may the score be ever in your favor.


I found this 90 Day MCAT Study Schedule online. I was able to import it into my iCal and then use an app called CaliBrate to shift the dates to my current needs.

I hope you find this helpful. If you need assistance setting this up you can find more instructions on the Student Doctor Network.

UCF Medical School Symposium

If you are in the Central Florida area and would like the opportunity to tour UCF College of Medicine then you should sign up to attend the 7th annual medical symposium hosted by UCF.

The event includes the opportunity to:

  • meet with your top 10 MD and/or DO school’s admissions representatives
  • Have several opportunities to win a free MCAT prep course with Kaplan, Exam Crackers and/or Princeton Review
  • Listen to keynote speakers talk about their field of medicine
  • Be provided with a goodie bag loaded with information and free gifts
  • Have a Q/A session with a medical student panel.

Follow this link to register :) I hope to see you there.

Sign up now!


Best & Worst Places to Practice 2013 [infographic]

Check out this infographic detailing the best and worst places for physicians to practice.  Each region of the US is represented with some interesting positive and negative facts.  The data comes from a survey of more than 1,000 physicians.

Where does your state match up?


Doctor Shadow

I just registered for a free account on Doctor Shadow. After checking out the website I am thoroughly impressed. I have already recommended this site to PreMed AMSA at UCF and encourage you all to check it out.

You’ll find a host of helpful information for PreMeds ranging from interview advice, physician shadow listings by state to medical school admissions prep and more. I am definitely a fan.

MCAT Stuff

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